Vincent Final Fantasy T-Shirt
Vincent Final Fantasy T-ShirtVincent Final Fantasy T-ShirtVincent Final Fantasy T-Shirt

Vincent Final Fantasy T-Shirt

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Vincent Final Fantasy T-Shirt

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Product Description

Vincent Final Fantasy T-Shirt

Vincent is one of the characters in Final Fantasy VII, a former member of Turks who were guarding the people involved in the Jenova Project (Scientist). Vincent has a crush with a beautiful woman named Lucretia. But Lucretia wracked with guilt against Vincent because she thought she was the cause of Vincent’s father death. then Lucretia refused and choose Hojo as her lover about  that reason, and also Lucretia thought to cure Hojo mental for loneliness.

Hojo has evil intent and unreasonable thought with Vincent. he has an insane experiments and choose Vincent as media. after this insane experiment, Vincent can turn into Gallian Best, Death Gigas and Hell Mask figure. After the experiments Vincent’s body been stored in somewhere

30 Years later, Inadvertently, Cloud and friends woke up Vincent after his long sleep. Therefore, Vincent joined with Cloud and friends. The Real reason of Vincent choose to joined Avaliance Group is because of the existence of Hojo, but the interval run, Vincent decided to follow the Cloud and his friends to the end.

Vincent Personality

There are similarities between the Cloud and Vincent Personality, Treat that seem indifferent but actually was a loyal friend, and can not forget the feeling of guilt. He could not keep on silence when see other people that needed for help, Although, actually prefer to avoid the troublesome issues that should not be needed.

Vincent Valentine is a Loyal person for his friend, for example, when Reeves in need of help to deal with enemies named Deep Ground, or when he is against Omega to save the world caused of his friends asked him to do that.

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